Commercial Locks to Improve Your Business Security Door N Key Locksmith

Commercial Locks to Improve Your Business Security

When you are looking to upgrade or install new commercial locks in your West Palm Beach, FL business, it helps to know a little about the types. Before you contact the experts at Door N Key Locksmith, prepare yourself with the knowledge of the existing locks you have and the type you want.

Start by investigating the existing locks on each door you want to upgrade the locks of your building. When you compare what to have to what you want, it will give you an idea of which commercial locks type would be best for which door and the reason.

If you were looking to improve the safety of both the business and your employees, it would be wise to focus on the number of employees, the access they require, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Focus on the crime levels, type of crimes in the area, and the physical items you want to keep safe. Items such as confidential documents, files, expensive equipment, and the location of them inside your business, you need to secure.

Then it is time to inspect some of the most common types of commercial locks used by most businesses today. Some types are more secure and expensive than others. But for securing your business and employees Door N Key Locksmith West Palm Beach, FL is the experts to call.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

A cylindrical lever locks are the most common and cheaper lock types used in both residential and commercial buildings. Installation of these locks is easy through the door, and they come with two levers or handles. Cylindrical lever commercial locks are available in a variety of grades, designs, and strike options.

Their four principal components are:

  • Cylinder
  • Chassis
  • Inside and outside rose
  • Inside and outside levers or handle

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks offer more functions than cylindrical locks such as you can add a separate deadbolt and latch for additional security.  These lock types are sturdier and more durable than cylindrical locks if installed on the right door type. Mortise commercial locks, although more expensive than cylindrical locks, handle a sizeable amount of traffic going in and out of a building.

Mortise locks are fitted into the cutout or pocket in a door and have four essential parts to them that work together:

  • The mortise lock body
  • The door handle, lever, or knob
  • The strike plate
  • The keyed lock cylinder

Electronic Locks

Electronic commercial locks are keyless and offering automation features that operate with an electrical power source. They are an excellent choice for businesses that have a high number of employees, visitors, or customers. These locks have a small motor housed inside the lock that is within the door or frame. Controlling the motor with an electrically charged impulse that is triggered by one of the following ways:

  • Electronic keypad
  • Electronic card reader
  • Wireless remote sensor such as an app on a smartphone
  • Biometric – your password is your fingerprint

Electronic commercial locks give you a greater level of control of who can enter the building and at what time. It also allows you to track the recorded time of entry and exit along with the access codes of each employee.

Concerns include hacked locks and no power when the power goes out. For a power outage concern, you can easily add a traditional keyed entry back up to the entry system.

Magnetic Locks

Interior and entrance doors can use magnetic locks. They are commercial locks that function with no sort of door handles. They are fitted with an electromagnet on the doorframe near the top, with an armature plate installed on the actual door.

Magnetic locks are considered one of the most reliable and secure locks you can have in your building as they can withstand extreme pressure. Magnetic locks cannot be easily forced open without an approved access method. They allow for easy and quick access into an office and even into a building if installed on the main door.

Push Bar Door Locks

If you are a business with many employees, then your building is required to have emergency exit doors. Push bar door locks are the perfect commercial locks to use as they lock and unlock the door through a connected bar handle. The latch of the door is unlocked when pressing down the bar is that keeps the door locked when closed.

For installing the best commercial locks for your business, it is best to call Door N Key Locksmith West Palm Beach, FL. They are knowledgeable about the basic code requirements associated with business locks. They will discuss locks and keying options with you that work best for you, your business, and your employees.

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