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Home Security Locks Ensures Your Homes Safety

There is no one in the world who does not want to feel safe in his or her home. To feel safe and to secure your family and belongings, it is important to make sure you choose the right home security locks for your exterior doors.

But how do you choose the best home security locks when there is such a large variety on the market? Some locks are for practical use, some offer a low level of protection and others offer more than door security.

Determining the best home security locks is a difficult and complicated task to do on your own. This is the reason professional locksmith such as Door N Key Locksmith specializes in a variety of services that specifically include home security locks.

No locks will secure your property 100%, but adding a combination of home security locks and reinforcement devices will make entering more difficult for intruders. When you call lock specialists such as Door N Key Lake Worth Locksmith, they will ensure that your home security locks are:

  • The right lock type for your door types

They will access your entry doors, advise you on replacing hollow doors with solid exterior doors, which are more durable and difficult to break.

Another excellent tip when replacing a front door is to avoid a door with a window in it. Windows make it easy for a criminal to enter your home by breaking them and unlocking the door. A more secure option for seeing out of the front door would be to install a peephole.


  • Top-quality lock brands

They will then give you a choice of the best home security lock from top-quality brands for your chosen doors.

  • Correctly performed lock installation

When a locksmith installs home security locks correctly, it ensures the locks are difficult to tamper with. These locks all have the following essential features:

  • They have a resistance to force,
  • Drilling,
  • Picking or
  • Bumping


  • Offer door reinforcement options

Apart from installing the home security locks correctly, they can also offer you a variety of options for door reinforcements.

The first step to take in upgrading your home security is to reinforce the exterior doorframes. The easiest way to accomplish this is to replace the shorter screws used in an installation with longer lock security grade screws. These screws should go through the hinge plate, doorframe, and into the wall of your house.

For added security, install a deadbolt, strike plate, or use door jammers that will give your door extra protection and prevent them from being kicked in.

 How Do You Know If Your Lock Will Provide The Best Security?

(ANSI) The American National Standards Institute rates locks with grades by the level of security they provide. Included is the durability of the lock, how much force it can withstand.

  •  1 – The highest level of security, mainly used for commercial property but are becoming more popular in residential properties
  •  2 – Common level of security adequate for residential properties
  •  3 – The lowest level of security

Lock Options:

You have a choice of several options for home security locks; to give you an idea, these locks range from your traditional low level to high-level security locks:

  • Deadbolt locks – Deadbolt locks are an excellent choice for an additional security feature to your door. When turning the lock to close, the metal bolt stretches into the doorframe catch. It cannot open without the use of the rotating key or thumb turn.

There are three main types of deadbolt locks:

  • Single Cylinder – These locks are the most common type, they have a keyed lock cylinder on the outside and a turning knob on the inside.
  • Double Cylinder – These locks have keyed locks on the inside and outside of the door.
  • Lockable Thumb turn Deadbolt – It is both the single and double cylinder. It has keyed locks on both sides of the door and a turning knob.
  • Handle locks and lever handle locks – Traditional locks types with a keyhole below or on the lever handl They are easy to pick, force open, or duplicate the key.
  • Barrel bolt and chain – Used only as an additional security measure as they are easy to break off by using force.
  • Electronic locks – Works with a powerful magnet and an armature plate that pulls them together. They can be operated by using a card reader or a keypad.
  • Smart locks – These electronic lock uses WI-FI or Bluetooth to interact with other devices such as your cell phone. Hackers can easily override your system and gain entry to your house.

A sturdy, solid door and reinforcements, combined with home security locks and a locksmith that specializes in home security, such as Door N Key Locksmith, is your best option to feel safe and to secure your family and belongings.

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