Get Keys Made and Get Your Peace of Mind Back

Do you lose car keys or get locked out way too often? If so, it may be time to get extra Car Keys Made and find secure places to keep them. Several other reasons may require you to get extra keys, but you may have trouble finding a place to obtain them. Certain car locks require special equipment and expertise that not all locksmiths have. Trust our professionals with this task and make sure you are safe and have reliable keys to use in the instance that, once again, you lose your regular set of keys.

Have You Lost Keys To Your Car Again?

For people who are on the go a lot, lost keys are a way of life. No matter how organized you try to be, your keys disappear. If this happens to you, don’t get frustrated and yell I lost my car keys to the air. Call our locksmiths. They can get to you quickly and have you back in your car and on to your regularly scheduled tasks without a significant pause in your day. Trust our professionals with something as important as your car keys. They know what they are doing, and you’ll be back on the road fast.

A Trustworthy Business To Provide Replacement Keys

Paying for replacement keys can be frustrating. You thought you were all set with a backup set of keys to your car, then something happened. Perhaps you misplaced them, or perhaps they ended up in that notorious place that you’ll never forget. Either way, don’t worry that you’ll spend a fortune on new keys. We offer expert locksmith services for the replacement of any type of car key. They’ll come to you and make a key that fits your car no matter the make or model. Get in touch with the people who can help with any car locking system – our friendly and professional staff.

Use A Locksmith That Makes Keys For Any Car

Some people think that any locksmith can make keys for any car. That is no longer true, given the latest technology advancements in car locking technology. From remote keys, to keyless entry systems, if you are in need of a locksmith that makes keys for cars, call on our trained experts. The experienced pros on our staff stay on top of all the new technology. You can trust that they have the knowledge and tools to handle any kind of car locking system. Don’t take it for granted that any locksmith that makes keys can help you out of your situation. Call on us to get the job done.

Have you ever needed a motorcycle lock service?

The friendly faces at Door N Key Locksmith offer motorcycle locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here for you with professional services for all makes and models of motorcycles. We have skilled employees and offer rapid response. Other motorcycle locksmith services we offer include: repair/replacement of ignition; keys copied/made on-site; programming transponder keys, and lock repairs. We understand the importance of your motorcycle and want to make it as easy for you as we possibly can. No more waiting to get to the dealership when you need service- just call us!

Transponder keys made for less

You can order a transponder key from us for a lot less than you are suppose to pay, whether you want extra keys or your broken key needs replacing.  We have the tools, the programmable keys, and the expertise to save you hundreds of dollars.  We think it’s a shame how expensive transponder keys are when purchased from a new car dealer. Our goal is to save you a lot of money.  Replacement transponder keys are available for all major brands, models, and years.  Door N Key Locksmith Palm Beach is an expert, we have programmed literally thousands of keys.

We Services Transponder Keys

If your vehicles have transponder keys, chances are that you’ve been told the dealership is the only place you can get a replacement or have them reprogrammed. This isn’t true at all! Here at Door N Key, we are able to make copies and reprogram your transponder key. We are even able to repair keys and reprogram your remotes! Our priority is your satisfaction and we will do whatever we can to make sure that you are happy with our service the first time every time. If there is ever a time when you are not satisfied with our work, please let us know and give us the opportunity to make it right.

New Set Of Transponder Keys For Your Motorcycle

Is there a way to copy your coded keys? Yes, there is and Door N Key knows how to deal with it! Although at the beginning it was not so, today most modern motorcycle keys include a remote controller for the ignition. Any owner of a motorcycle knows that the remote casing may eventually fall apart! In that case, you need a new set of transponder keys for your bike. We sell of all kinds of motorcycle keys and repair electronic keys, and our well-trained technicians can create a new coded key and get you back on the road fast!

High-quality transponder keys for cars and motor bikes

Need a reliable service for your car keys and locks? Door N Key Locksmith is a specialized company that gathers excellent and precise technicians to serve both business and private parties. Thanks to many years of business and lessons learned, today we offer rapid and effective solutions for making transponder keys for all types of cars and motor bikes. Your vehicle’s warranty will not void with bypass devices installed by our skilled professionals, which is why you need to visit our service or call for a personalized meeting. Moreover, our competitive prices are another reason to add our number to your quick dial list.

Simplify Life With Transponder Keys

We install and repair transponder keys for customers throughout the city, and we’d be delighted if you gave us a call for your needs. Whether your car doesn’t have this technology or you want to add it, we would be glad to service your needs. These states of the art keys make life easy and safety and security a top priority. We aim to enhance these qualities with the exceptional services that we provide. Door N Key is the locksmith company that excels in all of your needs. If you need a great locksmith to make your new keys, call us and we will get a locksmith right out to you.

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